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    Seamless Mobile KYC Solution

    A customizable environment providing regulatory compliance, creating a solid risk management framework and making customer onboarding as friendly as possible

    Commonly Asked Questions

    • Will my users have to download an app?
    • No, once you get started with elKYC, your users will be able to complete their identity verification process straight from your product or via your verification link. We built elKYC so that you can integrate it with just a few lines of code on web via our API and mobile with our iOS and Android SDKs. Moreover, it allow instant data transfer between our system and yours within milliseconds.


      Verification link

      This is a no code or hard implementation solution that allows you to verify users outside of your application. Once you apply to elKYC, you will be able to set a in the style of[company]. Not only that, you will also be able to customise the appearance of the subsequent steps to fit your product’s look and feel.

      * No code set up
      * Customizable appearance
      * Link on[company]


      API & SDKs

      Our simple and robust documentation was written for tech teams to help them implement identity verification as easily as possible. We offer integrations for web (Javascript), iOS (Swift) and Android (Java & Kotlin). Whenever there is a new activity associated with your integration, you will also get instantly notified with our elKYC Workplace and sync data to your backend.

    • How much does elKYC cost?
    • We offer flexible pricing plans that operate on a pay as you go basis and are designed to scale with you as you grow. All plans feature identity verification and start with a free trial. Its duration is 30 days during which you can run up to 50 free verifications and explore the experience through the eyes of both the business and the customer.

    • Which countries do you cover?
    • We cover documents from 246 countries/territories. To date, our database features more than 8,800 documents including passports, drivers’ licenses, and national IDs.

    • How do you establish liveness during a verification?
    • Our system uses selfie videos to recognize basic facial movements and ensure that a real person, and not a printed image or pre-recorded video, is accessing your platform. Based on that we calculate a liveness score as a percentage and average it into a user’s score.