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Identity Verification
Systems for Business

elKYC provides a quick, secure and intuitive onboarding process of customers. Entrust it to us and do your business.

Verify your customers in the shortest time all over the World

Play about with settings and add different verification and compliance assessment steps to maximise the user experience while providing the desired level of verification confidence.

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Features included in your plan

Access the essential features you need to verify your users efficiently and securely

Video Verification

Video-based verification ensures foolproof security against spoof attacks, deep fakes, and synthetic identities.

Liveness Detection

Perform liveness check using a selfie taken with the user’s smartphone.

MRZ reading

Capture data from Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) of any Passport, ID, Visa and other documents promptly and accurately.

Document Type Identification

Automatically determine document issuing country, type and series.

Face Matching

Compare the person holding the ID to the person pictured in the ID document (1:1).

OCR Document Data

Extract data from any identity document. Extract text data from anywhere. Automatically.

Watch Demo Solution

This video contains a demo solution, based on elKYC SDK, that shows common features and customer experience with it.

User-friendly and intuitive elKYC Workplace for your compliance officers

View session statuses in real time, manage multiple integrations, and automate the flow of information in one place. elKYC Workplace is used by startups and enterprise clients for maximum visibility, security and isolation of the private data.

Integrates with industries

Improve onboarding customers processes in everyday life. Scan passports, driver’s licenses, national or state identification cards, make video calls secure and easy.

Fintech & Banking

Electronic wallets, money transfers, online creditors, marketplaces, and digital banking.

Travel & Hospitality

Buy tickets, check-in, rent a car etc


Еake out insurance


Make an appointment with a doctor, get a medical certificate

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Will my users have to download an app?
  • No, once you get started with elKYC, your users will be able to complete their identity verification process straight from your product or via your verification link. We built elKYC so that you can integrate it with just a few lines of code on web via our API and mobile with our iOS and Android SDKs. Moreover, it allow instant data transfer between our system and yours within milliseconds.


    Verification link

    This is a no code or hard implementation solution that allows you to verify users outside of your application. Once you apply to elKYC, you will be able to set a in the style of[company]. Not only that, you will also be able to customise the appearance of the subsequent steps to fit your product’s look and feel.

    * No code set up
    * Customizable appearance
    * Link on[company]


    API & SDKs

    Our simple and robust documentation was written for tech teams to help them implement identity verification as easily as possible. We offer integrations for web (Javascript), iOS (Swift) and Android (Java & Kotlin). Whenever there is a new activity associated with your integration, you will also get instantly notified with our elKYC Workplace and sync data to your backend.

  • How much does elKYC cost?
  • We offer flexible pricing plans that operate on a pay as you go basis and are designed to scale with you as you grow. All plans feature identity verification and start with a free trial. Its duration is 30 days during which you can run up to 50 free verifications and explore the experience through the eyes of both the business and the customer.

  • Which countries do you cover?
  • We cover documents from 246 countries/territories. To date, our database features more than 8,800 documents including passports, drivers’ licenses, and national IDs.

  • How do you establish liveness during a verification?
  • Our system uses selfie videos to recognize basic facial movements and ensure that a real person, and not a printed image or pre-recorded video, is accessing your platform. Based on that we calculate a liveness score as a percentage and average it into a user’s score.

How Does It Work ?


Customer pass two-factor authentication


Verificates documents and take photos


Compares the photo in the document with the user's selfie


Compares doc-s data from: Visual zone, MRZ, NFC chip


Recognizes human’s reality


Video call by secure channel and integrated calendar

More information about service, inner processes and features you can find in technical documentation.